RICOCHET , VEXER VERLAG  St. Gallen / Berlin
• Designer: Barbara Ehrbar www.superbuero.com; Rudolf Steiner
• Editor: Canton Bern
• Printer: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Germany
• Publication date and place: March 2020 / Berlin
• Edition: 750 • Format, binding: embossed Softcover / Lay-flat sewn paper back
• Size: 240mm X 330mm X 28mm
• Number of pages and images: 264 pages / 175 images
• Type of printing and paper: Offset, Tatami Symbol Ivory 130gsm
• Retail price: 58 CHF / 55 €   
where to buy: IDEA BOOKS

Check out the excellent review by Christophe Fovanna in www.photoagora.ch 

Book description: In his photo series Ricochet, begun in 2013, Rudolf Steiner navigates the fine line between romantically transfigured images of nature and the representation of an injured landscape. Ricochet assembles pictures that were taken in the hinterland of Biel/Bienne. These pictures do not strive for any kind of truth of nature or landscape, but were created at their core in cooperation with nature on the basis of the chosen shooting process. The pictures were taken with a camera robot, with the help of which a camera produces hundreds of individual shots of a motif, which are later joined together on the computer by a stitching program to form a single picture. Since the lighting conditions can change drastically during the long recording time of between 10 and 30 minutes and meteorological influences such as wind, fog, snow and rain also play a role, the image result can only be controlled or predicted to a limited extent. In addition, stitching can produce errors that influence the result. These influences and sources of error create unusual images in which the limits of conventional photography dissolve and expand.